Who We Are

Legal Action Chicago (“Legal Action”) endorses the mission, vision and values of Legal Aid Chicago (“Legal Aid”), but uses tools that are unavailable to Legal Aid because of federal funding restrictions. Specifically, Legal Action litigates class action cases and pursues legislative initiatives to help not just individual clients but entire communities. We tackle the most intransigent problems with solutions that affect the greatest number of people in the most meaningful way. The following Statement, Mission and Vision guide Legal Action’s work:


The fight against poverty is a fight against racism. 
Legal Action Chicago is committed to eliminating poverty—an effort inextricably linked to combatting racism, because people of color experience higher rates of poverty and less upward mobility. This is not a coincidence, but the result of both historic and ongoing discrimination. These problems are exacerbated by other forms of bigotry against individuals based on their immigration status, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation. As an organization fighting against poverty we put racial equity at the center of our advocacy and support the leadership of people of color.


Through legal and policy advocacy, we work to improve the quality of life and promote upward mobility for people living in poverty. We do this work with a focus on racial equity. We work closely with on-the-ground advocates at Legal Aid Chicago and with our community partners to identify and address systemic problems.


Power, wealth, and opportunity will be distributed equitably, contributing to the wellbeing of our society as a whole. Historic and current discrimination will no longer determine the quality of people’s lives, their opportunities, and what they can pass on to future generations. Community members will have a meaningful say in the public policy decisions that affect their lives.

You Can Make a Difference

To ensure that low-income communities in Cook County have an advocate in their corner, Legal Action Chicago relies on private donations. You can support Legal Action Chicago with a tax-deductible contribution, and help us break the cycle of poverty for the clients we serve. Click here to donate securely online.