Consumer Rights

For people who are living in poverty or have been deprived of the opportunity to create financial security, a financial crisis or consumer fraud or debt collection can strip them of their resources, putting them at risk of homelessness, job loss, and/or the inability to meet their most basic needs. Families need opportunities to make progress, buy decent goods and services at fair prices, access reasonable credit, and build wealth for their children and grandchildren. Legal Action strives to make these opportunities a reality for all Illinoisans.

Our Values:

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to create and maintain financial security. Illinoisans should be able to access fair and helpful credit and financial services and should not be subjected to fraud or predatory practices.

  • Our consumer protection system must ensure that debt collection policies and practices do not turn financial problems into financial crises.

  • Ensuring that everyone has a fair opportunity to create wealth (especially through home ownership) and pass it on to future generations is a critical step on the path to addressing and eliminating the racial wealth gap.

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